Herrera Esteli Norteño

Review Cigar #1: Wrapper was cracked from the foot (once the wrapper started) to about 1.5 inches up the body. Visible seams and quite a rustic aesthetic overall. Not a huge fan of the shaggy foot as it usually leads to burn issues, which is did in this case. Required 2 major touch-ups, but the back half was pretty smooth sailing in terms of the burn. If they did without the shaggy foot, I believe it would have led to a better experience overall. Still, I enjoyed the flavors enough throughout to give a satisfactory overall score.

Review Cigar #2: Presentation was fantastic on this cigar. The wrapper was not cracked, seams were tight, and the caps looked like they were placed by a surgeon. It burned much better. I only had to touch it up once the burn reached the wrapper, then one small touch-up about halfway through. Draw was a bit more snug, but nothing worth retracting further points. The smoke texture was great, mirroring the creamy smoke output and coating placed on the tongue.

Not sure I would buy this cigar for myself, but hopefully you find the flavor profile intriguing enough to give it a try! It offers a unique aesthetic and was a pleasant enough smoke.

Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés Maduro / Binder: Honduran / Filler: Nicaraguan

Vitola: Lonsdale Deluxe / Size: 6.5 × 44

Manufacturer: Drew Estate / Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Leather, bonfire

Peppery, smokey graham cracker

More graham cracker, raspberry

Sandalwood, , leather, mixed herb (like a garlic breadstick), pleasant pepper deep in the nasal cavity, dried mixed herbs

Creamy smoke, mild charred cedar, toast, cracker, pepper remains at strength

Charred cedar, unsweet cocoa powder, hint of cinnamon

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Cody Monks

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