Regius Connecticut

The wrapper leaf on both samples were pristine, with visible but tight seams, zero blemishes, and a near flawless roll. Not much of a sheen on the surface, but a beautiful and uniform golden hay color. The draw likewise on both was impressive, and the burn was very good. Flavors start off tasting unexpectedly dark and not necessarily in a good way, but fortunately shift to a more balanced character before long. The lemon nuances particularly in the middle of the cigar were uniquely superb and enjoyable. A sweet cafe con leche would be ideal with this smoke in the morning or for a midday coffee break. A very nice under 60 minute smoke.

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade, Honduran/ Binder: Nicaragua / Filler: Nicaragua

Vitola: Corona / Size: 5.125 × 42

Factory: Plasencia Cigars S.A. / Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Honey, light barnyard/hay, caramel

Milk chocolate, peach

Mulch, cedar, cardboard, light natural tobacco sweetness, faint apricot

Initially I get grassy notes, bittersweet hazelnut, cream, black tea with a hint of lemon, and burnt pie crust, followed up by a more balanced combination of graham cracker, buttery biscuits, and sweet almonds.

Retrohale: white pepper, toasted almonds, sweet lemon zest

Lemon cream cookies, dry almonds, cedar, lemon custard, occasional notes of caramel, light tannins on the finnish

Retrohale: cedar, nutmeg, white pepper, subtle butterscotch sweetness

Savory nuttiness with notes of hazelnut, almond, cashew and walnut, buttery pastry, lingering lemon notes, dill, musty cedar

Retrohale: soft white pepper, musty cedar, tannins

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Joe Kenney

I am a Certified Consumer Tobacconist, have enjoyed cigars for over 10 years, and I run the Jonose Cigars cigar review channel on YouTube. My primary goal is to spread cigar lifetsyle to as many as possible while discovering as much as possible about the craft of cigars along the way.