Hiram & Solomon Reveal New “Perfect Ashlar” Cigar + More 2022 Updates

Hiram & Solomon has shared, for the first time publicly, that a new cigar has been created and is being scheduled for release. The cigar, named The Perfect Ashlar, is a hybrid Connecticut that provides a very surprising experience – and offers a very fascinating backstory. Owners Fouad and Romy Kashouty just appeared on ​​The Great Lakes Smoke Show and offered gem after gem during the 90 minute discussion. The information, education and entertainment were ramped up to 11 and you should definitely watch/listen when you have a chance.

Imbued with references to Freemasonry, each Hiram & Solomon cigar – and the art that accompanies it – is named with great intent and purpose. Not being a Mason, I’ve simply enjoyed their cigars – but that’s the point, these cigars are for everyone to enjoy. For those that recognize the references, the entire experience can be elevated by that additional layer of understanding. An ashlar, Romy explains, is a rough or unprepared stone that becomes smooth and uniform through work and dedication – becoming a perfect ashlar. The hybrid Connecticut wrapper that PDR’s Abe Flores introduced them to is so smooth that it could be mistaken for a chocolate cigar at first glance. Such a fitting name, especially as Hiram & Solomon have worked so hard to get to this point.

Every single one of their cigars has a story like that, and a name to match. That is a big part of why they’re growing so fast, and another part is how nice they are. I’ve been hearing wholesome stories about Fouad and Romy for almost 2 years now, and getting to see them on camera being every bit the passionate and charitable duo that I’ve heard about was really refreshing. One could argue that this industry is largely an ego driven one in which you’ll hear “I” and “me” more frequently than usual – so the Hiram & Solomon journey is one that stands out. When you catch this episode, you’ll hear “us” and “we” and “you” a lot more than you typically do. 

What originally began as looking to make a single blend for charity has grown into an internationally distributed cigar brand and it couldn’t be a more satisfying journey to both watch and participate in as a consumer. They have been commissioned by many of the organization’s lodges to create cigars, like The Treaty, with new requests being made all the time. They’ve just signed with the biggest German distributor. All their production has been moved to PDR, who will help them reach even higher levels of growth. The picture is clear, there are no signs of stopping Hiram & Solomon’s momentum.

As their successes continues to build, I hope that the wider industry takes notice. Giving of one’s time, resources and knowledge can only help make better cigars and happier, more loyal consumers. It would probably translate to better relationships within the industry, too, and an even larger community of excited and interconnected enthusiasts. The Kashouty’s begin from a place of giving and everything they do is informed by that, that this has become a revolutionary act will have to be the topic for another article.

The Freemasons say “if you want to be one, ask one.” If you want to know how dedicated Fouad and Romy are to their products, and to your enjoyment of them…try one.