Welcome Back To The Most Exciting Time In Cigars!

Here’s hoping that everyone had a nice long weekend full of your favorite people and your favorite cigars! The rest of the week is short on days but long on action – as always, there’s a bunch going on in this amazing industry. There’s a solid gold giveaways, new product announcements, and much much more – enjoy, and welcome back!

Fall is quickly approaching, which means it is once again time for Cavalier Genève’s seasonal giveaway! To date, 3 solid gold rings have been forged and presented – each inscribed with the ring’s number, the wearers initials and the company’s name. Ring #1 was forged for founder Sebastien Decoppet. The main attraction is the ring’s diamond shaped punch, inspired by the iconic brand’s application of gold leaf to many of their cigars. Though each is valued at over $3500 USD, Cavalier’s rings will never be made available for sale and can only be obtained through their giveaways. To enter, header over to their website and follow the steps provided. If you want to let Cavalier know that you found out about their giveaway on Cigar Public, tag @cigarpublicofficial on the @cavalier_cigars instagram!

Congratulations to Reinier Lorenzo and HVC! Their Seleccion No. 1 and HVC 500 Anniversary Salomones – the first cigars to be produced at the new Fabrica de Tabacos HVC S.A. factory – are headed out to shops today. Reinier’s cigars were already highly regarded, but I’m really looking forward to these new releases. Under their own roof, HVC can now pay even more attention to detail and that usually translates to a better experience for us!


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The Great Lakes Smoke Show welcomes Hiram & Solomon’s owners Fouad and Romy Kashouty tonight at 8:30 EST. Many watch live on their Facebook page, but they also stream each show on YouTube and Twitch. If you can’t make it, their show is available on no less than 7 podcast platforms, which you can choose from on their “where to listen” page. Fouad and Romy, lifelong Freemasons, reference the organization in the branding of their cigars but they are meant for everyone to enjoy. I’ve heard some great stories about these two and am looking forward to this evening’s show.

Voting is open for the AUTONOM project created by German Engineered Cigars  – and all are invited to make their choice! A total of 1,500 Lineup packs have been distributed to a select number of shops, each containing the three Claudio Sgroi creations vying for production. Even if you aren’t able to test them out, the cigar maker encourages you to make your preference known through the end of September. The voting form, shops, and additional information can be found on the German Engineered Cigars website.

The output from the Oveja Negra family of brands has been really impressive this year. Over the holiday weekend, they announced yet another round of updates – this time from Emilio. The Audiophile will be a limited addtioan, and the Suave line is getting an exciting Maduro addition.The artwork and blend for both these cigars were created by James Brown, who shared that “Audiophile is the next step in the evolution of Emilio Cigars. This cigar is bold, earthy and spice forward. It is definitely a step up in terms of strength from the rest of the portfolio…As for Suave, with the success of the Connecticut Suave over the years, we felt it was time to expand the line and add a Maduro version.” Their track record lets me feel completely justified in eagerly anticipating these new cigars. Check out the full blog post for for info about the blends!

Tickets for the 2022 Puerto Rico Cigar Festival are now available! Taking place the first weekend in December, the festival organizers already have so much planned and are still adding. There will be rolling demonstrations, distilled spirit and cocktail tastings, live music, raffles, parties, afterparties, and so much more. Created by Cigar Public Founding Contributor Cynthia L. González, The Puerto Rico Cigar Festival has already amassed a loyal following that only continues to grow. Head over to the event page right now to learn more!

Tomorrow at 2:00p EST, Reinhard Pohorec and his Light ’em Up Lounge welcomes Ed Sullivan from The Cigar Authority. Ed Sullivan has been an avid cigar smoker for over 30 years. After retiring from a career in software engineering, he worked in cigar retail. He is currently the Producer of The Cigar Authority, the longest continually running cigar podcast, as well as cohost of The Ashholes. The show shares an invitation to “join us for an inspiring show together with the man behind the most listened-to cigar podcast, an avid cigar lover and gentleman who has shaped the cigar media landscape for over a decade now.” Visit the lounge to watch and see the full schedule of upcoming guests.

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