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This piece has been updated with an image of the cigar, final band and packaging for Joshua Habursky’s “The Carronade” Cigar.

Noel Rojas opened his own Rojas Cigar Factory at the same time that he was preparing for the recent PCA trade show. The way he sees it, now that he’s on the other side of all that chaos, it’s time to really get to work! That a cigar maker like Rojas has his own playground now is a very exciting development for the industry. Innovators need the space and resources to tinker with, and now he’s got enough of both to be truly dangerous. Noel recently offered fans a sneak peak of the tobacco plantation in San Andres, Mexico that is growing tobacco for his cigars. Be on the lookout in the not so distant future for news out of Nicaragua, based on a recent conversation it sounds like we can all expect new experiences to be curated for us! Also, in case you missed it – go check out Cigar Public Founding Reviewer Steven Pingolt’s rated review of the Rojas Street Tacos Barbacoa from earlier this week.


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J.C. Newman Cigar Co. has announced the return of She Smokes Too with hosts Monica Foster and Kara Guagliardo! She Smokes Too is a series all about making smoking less intimidating for women. Few things can bring people together like cigars, and everyone should be able to enjoy that experience. You can check out the first 5 episodes on services like Spotify and Apple Podcasts until new episodes are available. Great guests, great conversations, and all the tips and tricks you need to feel comfortable and have fun enjoying cigars!

Arturo Fuente Cigars has just debuted their new “Faces of Fuente” campaign and I think it’s going to have a huge impact on public perception. Newer enthusiasts just don’t have the same connection to Fuente that the storied brand has with it’s existing family of fans. The conversation is louder now, and with so many amazing boutique cigars available now we’re seeing something not seen for some time – it could be a full year or more before someone’s cigar journey arrives at traditional/heritage cigars. To many newer smokers, traditional brands can appear to be these large unfeeling behemoths. The Faces of Fuente campaign could be the beginning of a new era for the legendary company, reminding consumers that there are real people with real passion putting in real work to create, produce and distribute these little works of art:


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Reinier Lorenzo could not be any more excited about the first cigars to be produced at his new Fabrica de Tabacos HVC S.A. factory and has shared an update on the status of the Seleccion No. 1. He writes, “waiting for the first shipment from Nicaragua from our boutique factory to start shipping this beauty.” We appear to be in the homestretch on this one, and as a big HVC fan I’m eager to support Reinier and to fulfill my own selfish desire to enjoy his cigars. HVC + San Andres + Nicaraguan binder and fillers? What’s not to be excited about?! The HVC 500 Anniversary Salomones (6.75  x 56) will ship soon as well according to a more recent IG update. As soon as these are available in stores you’ll be among the first to know. It’s going to be very soon, as I see some shops already have the listing added to their online inventory in anticipation of receiving them.


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If you’re going to be anywhere near Austin, Texas this weekend – don’t miss out on Weaselfest! Hosted by RoMa Craft Tobac, this year’s event is on Sunday the 4th and there are only a limited amount of tickets remaining. Go check out the event page, there’s something for just about everyone – it’s wild how much they are packing in to a 7 hour window. You can grab a general admission ticket that includes cigars and lower priced music passes for anyone that wants to go with but doesn’t want the goodies.


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Joshua Habursky will be releasing his own cigar on September 10th – The Carronade. Habursky is the Deputy Executive Director of the Premium Cigar Association and organization’s Chief Lobbyist. In a recent IG post , he shared that the cigar was created by Liberty Cigar Company and commemorates the anniversary Battle of Lake Erie. Briefly describing the cigar, he writes “this Dominican cigar honors the life and legacy of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry.” A carronade is a form of cannon, first produced by the Carron Company in Scotland, that was used by the Royal Navy. Congratulation to Joshua, we’ll bring you more information as it becomes available. ** Updated with an image of the cigar along with the finalized band and packaging **

Today, like the first Friday of every month, is LCA Day! The Limited Cigar Association release for this month is already sold out in many places. The Not Ron is a slightly wider version of the OG Ron. The original Ron quickly sold out when it dropped last year and has since been highly sought after by cigar heads.

The LCA shares that “the cigar now returns with the exact same blend as before, but this cigar is “Not Ron” because it is a 6×52 instead of the original 6×50, creating an ever so slightly different experience than before. The Nicaraguan puro was rolled at Tabacalera Annex in Estelí, Nicargua, AJ Fernandez’s new factory with which Privada is affiliated.”

Call your local LCA shop to see if they still have them, or check the list for shops that have an online store! To celebrate the 2nd Clowns LCA drop, you can go to their online store and use code nottheron for 10% off merchandise.

Don’t forget to grab The Volute, also available at Limited Cigar Association shops and on Privada’s website, ahead of September 9th’s Smoke Live event. The Volute was blended by Claudio Sgroi during the Peru episode of the Smoke Signals documentary series. Made entirely out of Peruvian tobacco that is only grown and sold for one client – who allowed the tobacco to be used for this project.


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The people behind the scenes at the Privada warehouse dropped a new cigar Regional Crew cigar today! The WIMP (Where Is My Package?) is a  6×52 Maduro that has been aging for just over two years. They describe this blend as “full-bodied and medium to full-strength, great construction, reminiscent of work from AJ or Pepin Garcia.”  A Nicaraguan puro through and through, the team carefully selected this first of what are sure to be many gems to make their way into our humidors. Get yours here!


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Hooten Young has introduced a new cigar called the Paladin Series. Featuring an Ecuadorian Habano Claro wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and fillers, the Paladin series is currently Hooten Young’s 6th regular production offering. Many were quick to mention the similarity in name to the better known Sin Compromiso Paladin de Saka from Dunbarton Tobacco. In response to the flood of messages sent his way, Saka wrote “I just think these guys are simply unaware, are promoting special operators and trying to be true to their own brand and I wish them the best of luck.” Saka is, once again, all class.

Today is the day, and there are a lot of people waiting to find out if they’ve picked for the Old Forester Birthday Bourbon sweepstakes. Those selected will be able to buy a bottle of the famed distillery’s 22nd birthday release. Winners will still have to pick their bottle up on-site in Kentucky, but it’s the first time those eager to acquire a bottle haven’t had to form a line outside the Old Forester gift shop. Good luck!


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