Plasencia Teases Sixto Toro, Year Of The Rabbit, & World Cup Collab

If you’re still not watching the Great Lakes Smoke Show, you’re missing out on great hosts, exceptional guests, and wonderful cigar conversations. We’ve all seen shows and interviews where the host goes down a list of questions, caring less about the actual responses and more about making to the end of the list. The GLSS hosts let the guests shine, and we all get rewarded for it – most bring with them exciting new information that they haven’t shared anywhere else.

Ivan Orlovic just finished up a really fun appearance, and as usual the GLSS did not disappoint. Ivan works as Plasencia’s Sales Manager covering the Midwest – and like the rest of Plasencia’s team, it’s immediately apparent that he knows what he’s talking about. Fans of the brand, along with the surprising amount of smokers and shop owners who haven’t heard of them yet, should be excited about these new project reveals:

The Sixto, part of the Alma Fuerte line, is the most popular cigar in Plasencia’s portfolio. Ivan revealed that after a lot of great feedback and much consideration, there will be a regular production Toro added to compliment the existing 6×60 offering. This more approachable format could very well become, as he points out, the new best seller within a year’s time.

While not breaking news, this is still worth sharing because as wild as it is – November will be here in a blink. Plasencia makes a “Year of the…” cigar every year, but it’s not always for the US market. Last year’s Year Of The Ox was not a US release. This year, the plan is to not only have the cigar drop here but also to make it available before Christmas. 2022’s Year of The Rabbit should be in stores by the end of November.

Also taking place in November is the 2022 World Cup, and the Plasencia family are huge soccer fans. Details are still being finalized, but it sounds the cigar company is collaborating with the event’s organizers to release a limited edition World Cup cigar. All we know right now is that it would be a run of approximately 3,000 boxes. Be sure to check out the whole episode on your favorite podcasting platform and catch the next one live on facebook, YouTube or Twitch.

Thanks to Ivan, the Great Lakes Smoke show, and all of you! What are your other favorite cigar interview shows? What’s you favorite Plasencia cigar? So many questions! 🙂 I’d love to hear about it all in the comments below.