Protocol Red Probable Cause

This cigar was certainly a rollercoaster! The draw was good, the wrapper looked good, the burn was decent with minimal touch ups. I did truly enjoy the complexity of this cigar as the flavors never stayed the same for even a full third. With that said, a lot of flavors contained therein were slightly unpleasant in their intensity. I'm a believer that every cigar you smoke adds the knowledge of an experience to your palate, and I would not shy away from this cigar again, however this strikes me as a cigar that would be great if it gets some age to it and things mellow and meld a bit more.

Wrapper: San Andres / Binder: Nicaragua / Filler : Nicaragua

Vitola: Cubariqueño Lancero / Size: 7.5 × 38

Factory: La Zona Factory / Country of Origin: Nicaragua

A delicate dried fruit sweetness

The foot of this cigar smells very similar to Perique pipe tobacco, it has a sweetness to it, but also a light vinegar or sour undertone.

A caramel like sweetness, along with damp earth, again with a mild sour undertone.

On first light, I was struck with a bitter note akin to espresso. Not unpleasant, but a bit unexpected. This gently subsided into a a charred pear flavor, a sweet fruit with bitter undertones.

As it progresses, this cigar brings a lot flavor wise. The smoke becomes creamier, but takes on the flavor of orange pith or under ripe lychee fruit. There is a rosewater floral towards the end of the 3rd that is very pleasant.

In the final third, the floral profile fades and turns to a mineral rich leathery flavor.

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Bryan R. Swenson

Husband and father of 2. Presently working my voice acting portfolio and acting to better myself every day. Always looking to try new cigars and looking forward to bringing unvarnished reviews.