Montenegro To Release New 6 x 60 Maduro Aged 9 Years!

Cigar Public is excited to be able to bring you another exclusive update from one of your favorite cigar makers. Montenegro has shared with us that the luxury cigar brand plans to release a 9 year aged 6 x 60 Maduro within the next 90 days.

Already aged for 3 years before being chosen for this blend, the fillers are Cuban-seed Corojo grown on Monetenegro’s own farm in Nicaragua. The binder is Cameroon and the wrapper leaf was also aged 3 years prior to being rolled.

Montenegro produces and age tobacco using centuries-old processes. When I say old processes, I mean old processes – oxen plow Montenegro’s fields. No machines are ever used, including hand-powered ones. Never at any time do they speed up the aging process or rush any production practices. Even the fertilizers and pesticides they use are all natural. The result of all of this attention is better raw materials with which to create their next great cigar.

What began as a small group of cigar enthusiasts eager to create their ideal personal blends has grown into a boutique factory, farm, and a quickly growing following. The plan is for 10,000 of these new cigars to be released, spread among partnering brick & mortar shops as well as Montenegro’s own site. The MSRP will be $23.95. There will be more exciting news from Montenegro in the coming days and weeks and we’re happy to be able to be the first to report it!