HVC’s Reinier Lorenzo Shares Black Friday 2022 Update

Reinier Lorenzo has released an HVC Black Friday every years since 2015. It has become a part of the boutique release schedule that more and more enthusiasts eagerly add to their calendars. Existing fans will be excited to learn that Fábrica de Tabacos HVC S.A. de Reinier Lorenzo, will produce the 2022 HVC Black Friday! In a phone call with Cigar Public, Reinier shared how excited he is to keep exploring the most unique and exclusive tobaccos, and how proud he is to be rolling them at his own factory which opened in February. The 2021 iteration, pictured below, offered a broadleaf wrapper and nicaraguan binder and filler. While Lorenzo does not wish to disclose the final 2022 blend information just yet, Cigar Public will be given the first opportunity share it with the community ahead of its release!