LCA SMOKE LIVE Drops The “DK Duo” Ahead of 8/12 Event

Starting the second Friday of each month, every brick and mortar shop that is part of the Limited Cigar Association will have the opportunity to host an innovative and experiential live event. Ahead of these events, the LCA is making full kits available for anyone who’d like to participate. These kits include everything you’ll need to be involved during the live digital broadcast, including not only the cigar but all pairing items that are chosen to elevate your enjoyment of the experience.

The Smoke Live pilot events held earlier this year for The Dailies & The GOAT were really well received and showed the LCA that it was possible to scale it all up and share a really vibrant, curated smoking experience with all cigar heads without having to overcome the obstacle of physical distance.

To kick off the their first live international broadcast on Friday, August 12th, the LCA has officially released the DK Duo set that was first introduced in the Smoke Live Announcement Video. The DK Duo provides the opportunity to re-discover the legendary blends and rare tobaccos that once took over the industry. Experience the golden age of what made the Dominican Republic king of cigars. In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, some of the finest and most expensive cigars in the world were being made in the Dominican Republic. Once sought after by collectors and counterfeited by criminals, these blends have become overshadowed in the past decade by cigars that focus on body and strength over nuance and balance.

To find your local LCA, use their locator. If you can’t make it to a shop or are busy that evening, the full video will be made available so that you can experience the entire evening as if you were there. The DK Duo is also available at Privada Cigar Club.

Are you going to the lounge or do you prefer to enjoy your cigars at home? We’d love to hear about your favorite smoking experiences in the comments below!