Henry Clay War Hawk

This is truly a cigar for any and every cigar smoker. Mild lovers will enjoy just as much as ones who prefer more full bodied cigars. I'm extremely impressed how it was so consistent in its flavors, but so incredibly interesting at the same time. Although mild, I think this cigar would be great any time of the day and has plenty of flavor to stand up to an array of beverage pairings. Scotch, Cognac, Light Pilsner Beer, Iced Coffee with or without cream, Root beer and Lemonade are all pairings I would highly recommend with this cigar.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut / Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf / Filler: Honduran

Vitola: Corona / Size: 5  x 44 

Factory: Flor de Copan S.A.  / Country of Origin: Honduras

Hay, Cedar

Stallone Alagan Review: The Foot

Cedar, Graham Cracker

Stallone Alagan Review: The Cold Draw

Cinnamon, Vanilla, Cedar

Stallone Alagan Review: First Third

Immediately when flame met foot an extremely pleasant vanilla note announces its presence. Vanilla along with a creamy cedar dominate the flavor profile in the first third. The retrohale has a healthy amount of white pepper. Considering the mild nature of the other flavor notes, this white pepper is surprising and very much welcomed. The first third closes out maintaining the vanilla and creamy cedar notes. So far, this cigar is mild, but very flavorful.

Stallone Alagan Review: Second Third

The second third starts right where the first third left off. The vanilla is still at the front of the flavor profile, but is now becoming more of a French Vanilla note. The cedar is falling to the back, but the creaminess remains. This with the French Vanilla gives off an Ice Cream note. The pepper on the retrohale has shifted from white to black and is ramping up, appearing to be here to stay. Before heading into the final third, it's worth noting that the burn and smoke output has been phenomenal.

Stallone Alagan Review: Final Third

A pretty drastic increase in strength is the first thing I notice as I enter the final third. The flavor profile has remained very consistent throughout. It seems rather than introducing completely new flavor notes, the notes from the first light just continue to evolve. The only new notes I'm getting in the final third is a very faint lemon and the cinnamon I was getting on the cold draw has joined the black pepper on the retrohale.

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