The Nick

This week's offering was a juxtaposition of sensations. The shaggy foot permeated candied ginger; the body emanated cocoa, and the cold draw was awash with sweet raspberries: the seductive and efficacious trio was only an aberration. The first hot draw sent a deluge of wood and potpourri across my tongue. A slight tingle of spice lingered. The pull was slightly snug but did not detract from the experience. The expectation of sweetness was gradually dispelled when creme, gingerbread, and baker's chocolate rounded out the complex and sumptuous first third. The charm of the second third wasn't immediately apparent; there is a distance in the appeal. Baker's Chocolate and Potpourri dominated the second third with such authority one wondered if the first third was an apparition. The baker's chocolate was slightly bitter but remained alluring, as did the potpourri. The final third was a mild version of the second third. When Oscar Wilde wrote "Illusion is the first of all pleasures," he must have been smoking this cigar. Stay gold, dear readers!

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Vuelta Abajo Seed / Binder: Nicaraguan / Filler: Peruvian, Brazilian Matta Fina, Nicaraguan, Ecuadorian

Vitola: Toro / Size: 6 x 54

Factory: Tabacos de Costa Rica  / Country of Origin: Costa Rica


Candied Ginger

Sweet Raspberries

Wood, potpourri, gingerbread, creme, baker's chocolate

Baker's Chocolate, potpourri

Baker's Chocolate and potpourri becomes even more present

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S. Robert Sacco

I am a Systems Engineer who works in the Defense industry, a second-degree black belt in Brazilian, and I hold a Masters' degree in information systems management. In a time of economic immobility, institutional deterioration, and cultural fatigue, I find my mood elevated and my mind sustained by music, art, Literature, and cigars. This harmonious fusion of artistic expression enlarges my sense of the human spirit.