AJ Enclave Habano

Great cigar. A finisher. Would not be a morning cigar in my opinion, but rather a late evening/after dinner smoke.
Total smoking time 1 hour 45 minutes

Wrapper: Ecuador / Binder: Cameroon / Filler:  Nicaraguan

Vitola: Robusto / Size: 5 x 52

Factory: Tabacalera AJ Fernandez Cigars de Nicaragua S.A.  / Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Body smells of hay and mint.

Close foot so I couldn’t get any aroma from it .

Draw was a little on the tight side but maybe that’s because it’s a close foot. Call draw had a faint taste of mint and tobacco.

Initial flavors of coffee leather and a drying sensation on the palate. Smoke has a thick texture of whole milk. Through the retrohale nice amount of Black pepper spice.

Midway point tobacco and Coffee are the main flavors. A dusty chocolate still with the drying sensation on the pallet. Smoke is still absolutely amazingly thick with a nice texture. Retro house same Black pepper.

Final third – the ash held on beautifully. The pepper turned into a white pepper through the retrohale. The coffee note returned still drying on the pallet and a big blast of tobacco. Smoke was still creamy and the cigar burned excellently. It was able to be nubbed.

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Mike Jackson

I am just a regular every day guy that enjoys good cigars and good whiskey. So if your a hard working blue collar then this review is for you. Nothing better then a good cigar after a long day at work.