RVGN and Raumzeit Makers Tease New Blend and Crowdsourced Vitola

Following up their two previous releases, RVGN Rauchvergnügen and Raumzeit, cigar brand German Engineered Cigars has announced their third offering. To start, they plan on making two formats. The first, a classic 5 x 50 Robusto. The second…well, thats up to you!

German Engineered Cigars intends to produce a limited number of cigar packs containing three separate formats of the new blend. The cigar smoking public would then be able to get these packs, experience them, and then vote on the order in which you enjoyed them. The format that receives the majority of the votes would then produced.

Created by Claudio Sgroi, and rolled by Nicaragua’s Tabaclera Tambor, the blend is entirely Nicaraguan. Habano Oscuro for the wrapper, Jalapa for the binder, and filler from Esteli and Jalapa.

The new blend is part of the German company’s new “AUTONOM” brand. AUTONOM is meant as an experimental playground for all of their brands and a way for them to find and curate new experiences.

The pack will include a 6 x 42 Corona Grande, 7 x 47 Churchill, and 5 x 45 Perfecto.German Engineered Cigars plans to make the packs available by September, at which time they will release additional information on their website.