ADVentura To Launch “Barbarroja’s Invasion” and “La Llorona”

ADVentura has begun to reveal the result of a 2-year project and the new addition to their core line:

ADVentura Barbarroja‘s Invasion!

Not only the blend, but the packaging is the first of its kind as well. ADVentura promises that once you see the packaging and taste this blend, you’ll know why it took 2 years of pushing their palates and their vendors outside of the box to create something that rivals the insane popularity of King’s Gold and Queen’s Pearls.

When the imagery is released, we’ll be sure to post a follow-up.

Sharing a fun ultimatum to “taste it or pay the price,” ADV & McKay also offer that “it’s the next chapter in the ADVentura story, and things get a bit darker and more aggressive, in a world domination sort of way. ha!”

As a boutique brand, ADVentura always tries to come up with a ways to compete for retail space. With deep discounting and ample free goods out of the picture, they wanted to go one step further to show their appreciation to those that not just believe in what ADVentura does, but also love the result of it. So, La Lllorona and the Elite Account Program was born.

The benefit of being an elite retailer, according to ADV & McKay  is the exclusivity of this cigar, only available to sell if once a retailer has reached what the brand refers to as “elite status.”

ADVentura is softly launching La Llorona with a private tasting at PCA. It will come in just 2 sizes, each being released one at a time. The first will be a 5×52 Robusto that will be available in 10 count boxes at an MSRP of $16 per cigar.

Barbarroja’s Invasion will be introduced at PCA in 3 sizes:

Robusto (52 x 5) 20 count box MSRP $14.20

Toro (54 x 6) 20 count box MSRP $15.00

Corona (44 x 6) 20 count box MSRP $13.20