Kings County Cigar Co Shares Major News!

Kings County Cigar Co is proud to announce legendary rapper Anthony “AZ” Cruz as its brand ambassador. The news of this partnership comes alongside our first major release of the Kings County 6×60.

Blended by the famed AJ Fernandez, this chocolatey blend of Nicaraguan, Ecuadorian, Dominican and Peruvian tobaccos is a sublime example of what a multi-country cigar can achieve by way of full flavor, impeccable balance, and perfect strength.

Exactly the right cigar for every occasion, this release pays homage to the late great Notorious B.I.G and the kind of magic that can only be born in Brooklyn. As a cigar company with Brooklyn in its DNA, we had to pay our respects to the borough’s own Christopher Wallace. There is no better personification of that magic today and of Kings County’s mission than Anthony “AZ” Cruz. Born and raised in Brooklyn, AZ has earned a reputation as the most underrated lyricist of all time. Perfecting his craft for over 3 decades, AZ embodies everything that Kings County represents – he is quite literally our values and ethos in human form.

Just like AZ and the other great artists associated with our brand, Kings County doesn’t need to brag – the work will speak for itself. We know who we are and we’re excited for everyone else to find out.First released almost a full year ago in the acclaimed Privada Cigar Club, this cigar’s unique blend was approved by the Privada members and became their favorite 60 gauge cigar of the entire year.

Moving forward, Kings County Cigar Co will be distributed by the Limited Cigar Association through its large and expanding network of brick and mortar stores.

From the Cigar Box:

Kings County. Brooklyn, New York. Home to the late, great, Notorious. This cigar is an homage to the legend deep within all of us. To be discovered. Celebrated. Rags to riches. Nothing to something. For the hustler in us all. Kings County Maduro is the finest 60 ring gauge cigar on the market. Bold, flavorful, smooth and nuanced. For cigar lovers worldwide. From Brooklyn to your city. Spread love. IT WAS ALL A DREAM.