Roma Baka Pygmy

A very enjoyable cigar when there isn't much time to hand. Burn time was around 45-55 minutes. I enjoyed the spice, and if you are one who appreciates that, I would say this is a definite must try!

Wrapper: Cameroon / Binder: Undisclosed / Filler: Undisclosed

Vitola: Pygmy / Size: 4×46

Factory: Fabrica de Tabacos Nica Sueño / Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Light tobacco

Earth, sweetness, oak wood

Candied pears, sweetness

Light spice on light up with the retro bringing stronger pepper. The palate brings a pleasant pie crust sweetness, persimmons, dried root, faint leather, and red pepper.

The middle brings lingering pepper with warmer tones of light brown sugar, sandalwood, and baking spice. A coating on faint ginger is somewhere in there was well.

A wave of coriander and more pie crust sweetness. These are followed by stronger leather notes, with earth, dried fruit, and oak.

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Eric Drazin

My name is Eric Drazin. I am a cigar enthusiast and owner of Oak Glen Tobacconist in Southern California. I've been smoking cigars for over nine years, and my passion for the leaf continues to grow. I never stop learning and am honored to join the Cigar Public team.