From The Publisher

Look, nothing starts out the way it ends up. In the arts it is called artist development. When I first started Privada Cigar Club the packaging was home made. At times you get lucky, progress is made and it sticks. A little leads to a lot and before you know it you are the number one name in cigar news and culture. While basic, our humble beginning today with Cigar Public the news site for the people by the people. The entire idea here is that a third wave, the craft cigar movement was being ignored and denied their voice. This site changes that. That means you, yes you, have a voice here. If you want to contribute your opinion, event coverage, or simply want to write a brief article on your local brick and mortar, you can. Email us any submissions to [email protected] Please comment on the articles, share the reviews and join in on the fun. This is the beginning of a crowd sourced cigar culture that will revolutionize the industry.


Brian Desind
Founder of Privada Cigar Club & Cigar Public